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About Egypt

Egypt is a country with more manufacturing and agriculture than tourism. Companies around the world, such as Amazon and Toyota, are expanding to secure sales channels due to their easy access to the European and African markets.

Currently, 「New Administrative Capital in Egypt is in progress. 」 Looking forward to population growth and economic growth in the future, The Government have decided to create a new capital in Zero Base. In December 2021, Administrative agencies such as presidential office and central ministries have begun moving.

We expect Egypt to grow into a very important position not only in Africa but also in the entire global economy in the future.

Support content


Company Establishment & Registration Services,
Recruitment of employees

We provide business establishment support of a company in Egypt.
We also help you to hire employees with highly qualified.
- Egyptian staff who can speak English - Human resources with skills and experienced suitable for the business contentIf you consult with the employees you want, we will consistently support you, such as application, document screening, interview, etc.


Arrangements for bank accounts and credit cards

Opening a bank account or agency service for card issuance.
We will contact all local banks and credit card companies on behalf of you.


Office arrangements

We support you to find the office in right place and make contract procedures on behalf of you.
If you have any questions, such as 「I want to set up an office in Egypt but I don't know which area is best for us」then please feel free to contact us.


Tax payment

After establishing an Egyptian corporation and starting a business, it is necessary to account for the corporation and process employee taxes.
We will work with a local international lawyer to support the procedure.



The goal of business is not only to enter Egypt. It is easy to establish a corporation or obtain a visa.But only those things does not make your business success
We believe that marketing is paramount in our business.
"How do you appeal to Egyptian consumers?"
We promise full back-up such as local marketing and market research to sell products and services.
- What products are popular in Egypt in the first place? - It is not known whether the service that is well developed in Japan will succeed in Egypt. - I want to start a new business therefore I want Egyptian market data - I want to develop a blue ocean business with few competitors - What kind of products are likely to be accepted by Egyptian in the first place?


Translation ・interpretation

Translated and released apps and services developed in Japan into Arabic.
It also supports operating in Arabic.


Visa acquisition, housing and health insurance arrangement

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to dispatch your staff from Japan or other countries instead of the local area to Egypt.
We support not only the acquisition of visa for long-term stay. We also support to find house in a safe area and medical insurance for foreigners.

Company Profile

Company Name
Akhenaten for Commercial Investment
أخناتون للاستثمار التجاري
Address: 17 Road 210 Maadi, Cairo 11431, Egypt
Group Enterprise
Beograd Consulting Group