The facts about Nigeria?

Nigeria is a federal republic located in Africa, a member of the Commonwealth of Britain. With 190 million inhabitants, Nigeria has the 7th-largest population in the world and the most populous country in Africa.

Nigeria's population will grow to 400 million by 2050, overtaking the United States, and is expected to be the third most populous country in the world after China and India(Nigeria is projected to gain its population over 800 million in 2100).

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Nigeria as a frontier country

While other emerging countries are becoming increasingly uncertain, the Republic of Nigeria is one of the flourishing frontier markets in the world.

As a potential factor for rapid growth, Firstly, its population growth is expected to grow to 400 million, which will lead its position to the world's third-largest by 2050. Secondly, the recent entry of giant IT companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook is showing the country’s potential. Lastly, there are more than 30 million people who do not hold a bank account yet. The entry of fin-tech companies such as a mobile payment app is another growth factor.

It is rare to find this type of country to have this great potential. Based on these factors, we believe that investors can expect higher returns on equity by investing in Nigerian stock.

The potential of Nigeria

Economic growth rate

The market has had its ups and downs until 2016, however, the index shows the signs of recovery from the latter half of 2016, and it’s returned to positive in 2017.


Population pyramid

This graph shows that most of its population comes from the young generation of 0-14 years old. This group consists of 32.7 million people, equivalent to a quarter of Japan's population.

Stock index

The stock index has been a long and sluggish state since hitting its highest point of 65,652 in 2008. This can be considered as an opportunity to acquire Nigeria's stocks with lower price.


Investment Risks in Nigeria
2 Biggest risks and solutions

Risk 1

Political Instability

As an oil-producing country, Nigeria has been notorious as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. According to a recent report of Transparancy International, a non-governmental organization leading the fight against corruption, the treasury's unutilized money has risen to about $ 400 billion since Nigeria's independence of 1960. This has widened the gap between rich and poor in the country and negatively affected the economy.

Possible Solution

The current President of Nigeria, President Hammad Bukhali (term of 4 years, elected for the second term in 2019) said the government is taking steps with the public support to establish corruption free system and public safety in the country. The government is aiming a significant improvement of their tasks.

Risk 2

Abuses by Boko Haram

In Nigeria, there is a Sunni extremist organization called Boko Haram, which in recent years has been expanding its targets not only to security authorities but also to the general market. These terrorist activities have been a huge threat to Nigeria's economy.

Possible Solution

President Buhari has been actively working on combating corruption and security measures as the most important issues. Boko Haram's activities have been weakened by the sweeping operations of the terrorist organization "Boko Haram", and the country is aiming for the complete eradication.

Nigerian Stocks to Buy


MTN NIGERIA COMMUNICATIONS PLC provides nationwide wireless telecommunication services. The company has more than 61 million customers in the country.

MTN NIGERIA COMMUNICATIONS PLC has strong corporate performance and high dividends. Despite the fact, but the stock price has been down for quite some time. The current price is at 118 NGN(32 cents)(As of December 2019)


With the rapid spread of smartphones and Internet services, COURTEVILLE INVESTMENTS PLC is the top company in the Nigerian market.
The company has just been listed in 2019, but it has been able to raise funds successfully in the market and expect strong stock growth from the great performance. 0.26NGN per share (0.08 yen).

A Step-by-Step Instruction to invest in Nigerian Stocks


Open a savings account
at the Georgia's largest bank

The interest rates of savings account
are based on Georgian currency, Lari.
The annual interst is 10.10%
(As of April 2019).

For example, By exchanging USD 9,100 to Lari(Georgian currency)
and opening a savings account,
You can earn about USD 910 worth of Lari.


Send the earnings to
your investment account in Nigeria

At your Georgian Bank's savings account, You can set an option to receive your interst
every month.
By doing so, you can you can receive an interest rate of about USD 7,550
every month.

This USD 7,550 will be invested
to the Nigerian Stocks.


Invest to
Nigerian stocks

You may think that it is too risky to invest your own money to a frontier market.
However, if you can use the overflowing interest to the investment,
even if you lose some money,
your fund will be intact.

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Beograd Consulting Group's Customer Support

Beograd Consulting Group's customer support

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