With the advances in computer technology, Artificial Inteligence(AI) has been replacing human's job. On October 23, 2019, Google announced that they have achieved quantum supremacy. According to Google, the new computer carried out a specific calculation that is beyond the practical capabilities of the supercomputer. The spread of 5G technology, the next generation communication network, has already been put into practical use.

While technology advances make people's lives more convenient, how likely the humans jobs will be replaced? What kind of work will our next generation be able to live stable in the future? The introduction of AI is likely to increase unemployed people. On a global scale, the gap between rich and poor are declining due to economic development. However, it is expected that the development of IT technologies will accelerate the increase the economic inequality.

It is important that we “prepare” for our future. BCG Online Salon supports you to "prepare" from a financial perspective. To increase assets, financial literacy is a prerequisite. But at the same time, financial literacy also requires timely information that is useful. BCG online salon aims to improve financial literacy so that you can live a brighter future and provide the latest information from around the world.

What is Online Salon?

Online Salon is a member-only system that offers finance related information and products. Members will be invited to a various member-only informative seminars, study sessions as well as social events. The application includes identity verification and screening, but registration on the app can be done by anonymous. Confidential bank accounts and advance disclosure of real estate information will be only available on the app!

Member-Only Exclusive Deals

Exclusive information only for our members!

Bank accounts and investment products exclusively for Online Salon members! Financial information including real estate will be available earlier than the public market.

Support for Opening 100% anonymous bank account

Open a completely anonymous (non-CRS) bank account is be only available on the app!(Not on our blog or e-mail)

Support Your Trip to Georgia.

We will assist your trip to Georgia, including real estate inspection, tourist information, even airport transportation!

Support for Investment Fraud Recovery!

Completely free support with no consultation fees or success fees.(※ We do not gurantee full or partial recovery of fraud damage)

Exclusive Deals and Events

Seminars, social events, exclusive deals, and many more!

Annual Fee: 300GEL

  • ※ As the annual fee will be automatically deducted from your Georgian bank account, members are required to hold a bank account in Georgia.
  • ※ Enrollment is by invitation only from our company. We cannot accept recommendations from those who are already online salon members.
  • ※ There is a simple screening before joining. Contact customer support for membership requirements.
  • ※ Membership may be refused at our discretion. Please note that we will not be able to answer questions regarding the membership criteria.

How to Apply

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page

Submit the insurance card or the employee card

Pay the annual membership fee

Download the Online Salon app

Sign up from the invitation e-mail




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