WANTEDRecruitment of Consult Staff

The Beograd Consulting Group is looking for
talented consulting staff
who can offer a variety of options to many investors.



Beograd consulting Group handles real estate, insurance and financial products from around the world, and supports a variety of matters related to international tax advice, account opening support for offshore banks, support for opening offshore corporations, and asset management.

Working Style

There is no working time due to discretionary labor system. You can work anywhere in the world without the obligation to go to the office.
In addition, child care and nursing, We promote an environment where you can work according to your own lifestyle.

Working Style

Application details and conditions

Occupation consultant
Salary Annual salary system (depends on experience and results. Please consult us individually.)
Working hours There is no working time due to discretionary labor system.
Work location Possible anywhere in the world (no office work obligations)
Interview On SKype
Application conditions

At least 5 years of experience in the following industries:

  • Financial relations (banks, funds, securities companies, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Real estate (real estate brokerage, real estate finance, etc.)


Phone Number
Experience / Experience of Consultant
Cover Letter