Thank you very much for your application.
We have sent a confirmation email to the email address you entered.
Please check if the contents are correct.

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If you are not receiving our mail

Thank you very much for your inquiry. The following customers may inform us that the information from our company has not been delivered properly.
  • To customer using free mail services (hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc,)
  • Customers using mobile e-mail addresses
our company typically requires that a [confirmation email] be sent by our company Customer Representative [] within the next business day of the contact. If you do not receive the email, please check the following situation.

Customers using a free e-mail address

Contain in the spam folder

The Spam E-mail Alert feature may cause your e-mail from our company to be mistaken for spam. It may be automatically sorted to the spam folder or trash box, so please check it once. You can also prevent spam folder sorting by changing the sort (Filter) setting for received mail of each Free Mail service.

How to set reception permission: Using Yahoo Mail

  1. After logging in to the Yahoo! email, click [Mail Settings] in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Click [Add] from [Filter and Incoming Notification Settings] in the "mail options managing mail" column.
  3. From the Add Filter screen, set the following settings.
    • Contains[ From ][ ]
    • Destination Folder:[ Trash ]
  4. Press[ Save ]

How to set reception permission: using Hotmail

  1. Sign in to Hotmail and click [Options] → [Other Options].
  2. Click [Safe Senders and Blocked Senders Lists] → [Safe Senders List] in Spam E-mail.
  3. Enter the our company domain [] in [Allowed senders or domains] and press the add button to finish.
Other than that, there may be similar options available for free mail of each company, so please check them.

Customers using mobile e-mail addresses

Be rejected by e-mail filters

If you use the mail prevention filter, please unfilter ( and set it to receive [].

Wrong email address

We are very sorry, but there is a possibility that the email address you registered is wrong. If you have any questions, please contact our company by phone with your name, phone number, and a message that you have not received. [].

Security software and anti-virus software settings

Depending on the security software settings, mail may be regarded as spam mail and rejected or deleted. Please check the setting of your security software and set spam mail exclusion.

Provider's virus block and spam filtering service settings

Depending on the provider, virus block or spam mail sorting service may be set as a standard for free. If the mail from our company is not sorted into the spam folder, or if the settings of your PC's security software or anti-virus software are correct but the mail does not arrive, you can use the virus block or anti-spam mail set as a free standard by your provider. Please check each provider's page if there is no sorting service.

Your mailbox on the server is full

There is a limit to the size of your mailbox on the server, and if you don't receive and delete mail regularly, your inbox will fill up. If your inbox is full, it may not accept new mail. If you haven't used email recently and you have a clue, please delete the email on the server.

If none of the above applies

If any of the above conditions does not apply and the email has not arrived, we will resend the email, so please kindly contact our company. Since the sending system of the mail magazine and the automatic sending mail at the time of order is different, there is a possibility that only the mail from the person in charge of the customer will not be delivered. Thank you for your understanding. Back to TOP